Soft with moss

Remembering my mother’s care.

She cared for everyone unconditionally. She lived her life fully and non-judgmentally connected to everyone she knew. Everyone.

She listened fully and was forever generous in her gifts of time and love.

Her father, Grandpa Baer, lived next door to us. My mom and grandfather both were true lovers of life.

Their love spilled and flowed into their surroundings. Every plant was a creature to be cared for with tenderness.

Mom had a lathe house with the softest dicondra, tiny fragile green sprouts carpeting the lathe. Beautiful ferns and delicate shade loving plants grew profusely. In the hot arid San Diego climate it was a respite from the sun, the glare, the dried out hard clay surrounding that small, lush space of my childhood.

Thank you, mama. Your life continues to thrive in me and every person, creature and seed you loved. May we all learn to love open heartedly, in full awe and wonder.