I know Nothing

I know nothing about this time of not being close together.

I know nothing about teaching online. I have been resistant to it. It is an anathema.

Teaching is offering an environment of energetic activities; teaching is creating a community of curious doers who celebrate each other, even our mistakes, and discover alternatives.

Teaching is the art of giving every person’s life a sense of purpose, a sense of self worth. Teaching is opening doors and creating constant exchanges of joyful awe and wonder.

How can we connect without these close interactions and activities? Without the nonverbal senses, the energy flow, the touches, the looks, the interactions of humans doing, sharing, teaching? . . . how can we learn what we need to know without the ideal teaching environment?

I know nothing about how to do this . . . However, here I am doing it.

The internet is useful, not at all ideal, but for now, it is a major alternative.

Personalized boxes of books, games, and puzzles refreshed weekly is another.

All things considered . . . This super contagious virus . . . the lack of alternatives . . . Unimaginable!

Well, I guess it’s going as well as I can imagine. Indeed, if I could imagine doing it better, I certainly would!

We are learning to muddle through with patience and kindness and creative mindfulness.

We are learning to share what we can, and give what we can, smile and sing and make music and appreciate the all of the awe life offers each of us.

We are learning to focus on each other with a screen that sometimes freezes or is unclear, or voices echo or delayed.

We are learning to think and learn differently, as always we must.

We are learning true patience because there is no option but to do things differently than we ever imagined.

I know nothing about this but I am learning.

Beginners Mind focuses on what there is to learn . . . knowing nothing.