• Sugarwood School maintains an enrollment of eight or less students.
  • Sugarwood School does not grade or test students.
  • Sugarwood School provides unprecedented daily opportunities for every student to excel in math, science, the arts, and literacy.
  • All subjects are carefully integrated for deep meaningful comprehension.
  • Sugarwood School enhances social and emotional interactions with cooperative activities and leadership opportunities.
  • All Sugarwood Friends are encouraged to shine, excel, cooperate, lead and interact with kindness.
  • Everyone is invited to rotate in to lead the Friend of the Day Activities.
  • We sing and dance and play music every day.
  • All Sugarwood Friends share daily gratitude, important moments and insights.
  • All Sugarwood Friends learn to practice mindfulness, yoga, read and play music including violin, recorder, percussion and vocal.
  • Everyone practices a minimum of three languages: English, Spanish and American Sign Language. We are open to new practices and incorporate offerings of new languages when possible.



Please contact us for enrollment information. Sugarwood School offers scholarships and financial aid.
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