Sugarwood is a Vermont Approved early childhood nongraded school for ages 4-9.

Every Sugarwood friend, regardless of age, has daily opportunities to learn, to teach, to lead, to share, to interact, to move and to play.

We build a joyous community of Sugarwood Friends who love to learn for the intrinsic joy of learning. We love to share ideas with engaging investigations, experiments and experiences.

We take time to establish individualized learning providing self worth, motivation and individual proficiency.  Our small class sizes allow us to commit to each individual child. This establishes deep and meaningful relationships that support their future social, emotional and cognitive abilities.

Sugarwood Culture & Philosophy

  • We ignite a deep love, an intrinsic, life long love of learning at Sugarwood School with intrinsic motivation rather than extrinsic motivators.
  • We build a joyous community of friends free from comparisons, grades, and tests.
  • Each child loves sharing their ideas in this equitable, supportive environment.
  • We are motivated by our explorations, the experiments, the meaningful connections, the successful interactions, the rich curriculum, and sharing our insights.

Nongraded School

  • We focus on providing a stress-free learning community.
  • We build a joyous community of supportive, cooperative Sugarwood Friends.
  • Sugarwood Friends are not compared, graded, or stressed.
  • Each child is happy with their own personal achievements and happy for the achievements of their peers.
  • We are motivated by sharing what we learn individually and together.





Students read to teacher at Sugarwood School








Please contact us for enrollment information. Sugarwood School offers scholarships and financial aid.
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