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Sugarwood is a Vermont Approved early childhood nongraded school for ages 4-9. Every Sugarwood friend, regardless of age, has daily opportunities to learn, to teach, to lead, to share, to interact, to move and to play. We build a joyous community of Sugarwood Friends who love to learn for the intrinsic joy of learning. We […]

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Peggy CoZi teacher at Sugarwood School
Peggy CoZi Teacher
Stefanie Taylor violin instructor at Sugarwood school
Stefanie Taylor Violin Teacher
Cristy murphy yoga instructor at Sugarwood School
Cristy Murphy Yoga Instructor

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Peg's Epiphanies

31 Jul

Intentional Changes!

Our four to nine your old Friends have confirmed my lifelong conviction that grades have no place in the development of deeply meaningful learning. I have researched, studied and most importantly experienced opening limitless opportunities for my young collaborators to learn for the pure joy and awesomeness of learning. With all there is to learn,…

15 Jun

Self reflection for education

I didn’t know the depths of my gratitude I said how grateful I was for this opportunity to learn together with these brilliant little people. I spoke aloud of my love for our abilities to adapt and thrive whatever the situation. Little did we know of the viral pandemic that would isolate us, forbidding loving…

22 May

I know Nothing

I know nothing about this time of not being close together. I know nothing about teaching online. I have been resistant to it. It is an anathema. Teaching is offering an environment of energetic activities; teaching is creating a community of curious doers who celebrate each other, even our mistakes, and discover alternatives. Teaching is…

Additional Learning

Our learning continues outside the classroom with community service, performances, and field trips.

Extending our Community

We enhance our classroom learning opportunities with community experiences. We have performed for several years at the Maples Retirement Community and for The Bardwell Residents. We performed the Periodic Table of Elements for two Rutland High School chemistry classes. We have performed at the Echo Museum and the Perkins Museum in Burlington. We gift several…

Performances & Potlucks

We perform often We gain confidence and grace Every child is offered the opportunity to prepare and perform an individual speech about their learning practices and joys Every child may perform a solo, or duet, on the recorder Every child may perform a solo, or duet, on the violin Every child sings and participates in…

Field Trips

We augment our program with field trips that encourage broad-mindedness and purpose. Our list of possible field trips include: local trails, lakes, ponds, mountains, ice skating, libraries, museums and performances.

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