What Will We Learn Today?

When the unthinkable happens. How do we deal?

At least three major, undeniable, unthinkable global events threaten life on our small fragile planet.

The climate crisis, ultimately created by the humans.

The corona virus, COVID 19 pandemic, ultimately spread by humans.

The financial crisis humans created.

There is the growing gap of haves and have nots, closed mindedness,

disrespect and material greed and . . .

We can not deny reality.

What can we do and what can we learn?

Let’s admit we need intentional change.

Perhaps a few specific ideas for us to begin with:

We can learn to admit our own failings and begin modifying our thoughts and behaviors.

We can learn to be more collaborative, less competitive.

We can learn to train our minds to be present and more disciplined.

We can learn to grow broad open awareness and knowledge.

We can learn to appreciate our loving community, our interactions, our interconnectedness and cultivate appreciation and gratitude.

We can learn to adapt and seek essential paths to well being.