Intentional Changes!

Our four to nine your old Friends have confirmed my lifelong conviction that grades have no place in the development of deeply meaningful learning.
I have researched, studied and most importantly experienced opening limitless opportunities for my young collaborators to learn for the pure joy and awesomeness of learning.

With all there is to learn, how can we pretend that public education builds resilience, brilliance, creativity and a deep zest for knowledge?

It is a difficult time now with COVID and just maybe because parents are feeling their personal lack of patience, knowledge, practice and expertise with providing substantive learning experience, this may be the best of times to let the floor and walls of public schools crumble and willingly welcome all manner of educational experiences.

I admit when my own children were little (and I was a “teacher” on maternity leave) I blindly assumed my children needed to go to school. Yikes! If I only knew then what I know now . . . I stayed home and took care of lots of Little People doing childcare until I went back into the classroom “to teach” oh, lawd! (Admittedly a big piece of that decision was financial stability.)

There is, as Dan Pink aptly provided us, a disconnect between intrinsic and extrinsic reward. He strengthened my footing. Not grading, not labeling, not stymying young minds was what Wanted but Dan’s TED talk fortified my efforts!

Now, my young friends and I learn and gain such depth of knowledge that I often sing out, shout even cry out about their incredible abilities expressing their understanding of say, the elements, atoms, quantum physics, math, cosmology. They read at grade levels far beyond their age. Honestly, why shouldn’t they?

We have been stuck in limited-thinking busy creating small-mindedness, manufacturing “sheeples” We are unable to step out, much less leap out, of our manufactured corral. We are too well-trained to make the huge paradigm shift needed to throw away big business, become leaders, begin radically changing education that heretofore prefers and coddles small-minded sheeples.

It is time to venture into the cosmological expansion and peer deeply into the standard model of quantum physics early in our development. It is our moral obligation to expand learning opportunities with a real educational revolution.

We can do this!

Our powerful abilities can push open our global future.
Thank you for considering this idea. Hoping it grabs hold of your imagination!