Self reflection for education

I didn’t know the depths of my gratitude

I said how grateful I was for this opportunity to learn together with these brilliant little people.

I spoke aloud of my love for our abilities to adapt and thrive whatever the situation.

Little did we know of the viral pandemic that would isolate us, forbidding loving touches, close connections that are at the very core of our existence.

How do we refrain, restrain, control the urge for tactile nurturing? How can we survive this loneliness? I want to be in denial and say I’m invincible, the virus is not all consuming, powerful, deadly.

Is life worth living without sensory fulfillment?

Can we make this an asset? Can I? Can we enhance our other senses?Are there creative ways of connecting, touching what we can touch?

Hug a tree, not me?

Hold a flower up to our lips?

Play in sand, dirt, dough, paint, sew . . . ?

Maybe that’s how I can approach this challenge! Perhaps comparing this lack of tactile stimulation with the loss of auditory or visual sensory input. Will that help? Blind and deaf people live fulfilling lives.