Depth of Knowledge

“We are amazed at the depth of knowledge our 5 year old daughter has learned.  Peggy’s passion for knowledge is contagious — we enjoy learning about our daughter’s daily lessons from violin, counting in Japanese, to studies about space and other themes.  We didn’t know education could be this enriching, especially at such a young age. The children don’t just learn, they experience through hands on activities and sharing. It’s truly impressive!” – Cupoli Family

Endless Learning

“We could write pages about what we love about Sugarwood School!  Together, Peggy and Chris have created a school that provides children with endless learning opportunities, a respectful and caring environment and a place that our family has grown to love.”  – Murphy Family

Opportunity to Grow

“What I value about Sugarwood is that my child is being given the opportunity to grow socially and emotionally as well as academically.  He is supported every step of the way.  He is growing as an individual while learning about how important it is to be part of a community.”  — Jennie and Sam

Sugarwood is Exceptional

“Our experience at Sugarwood School has been exceptional. Our child has been supported and encouraged to love learning, be a critical thinker, and learn in a conceptual way. We as parents have seen the emphasis on kindness and compassion resonate and trickle in to our home life as well.”  — Dalite Sancic

Exceptional Education

“My daughter went to kindergarten here and by October she was reading. Her interest in science and the natural world was encouraged. Her math skills improved dramatically. The children learned oratory as well as recorder, both of which were performed in front of assembled families twice a year. The children were taught to knit during quiet times.  I can’t recommend this school more highly. The education my daughter received was exceptional.”

A Special Place

“Words cannot begin to express how grateful my husband and I are that our son is able to attend Sugarwood School.  Before we had children I always knew that Sugarwood was the school I wanted our children to be a part of (my nephews attended Sugarwood School in the first few years Peggy and Chris opened the school).  After watching an end of the year performance and seeing the love, learning and confidence that spread throughout the classroom, I knew that this was a special place.” – Murphy Family

Best School

“This school is the best! The range of reading techniques have amazing results! Our child has never been happier!”

Highest Recommendation

“My son enrolled in The Sugarwood School in Sep. of 2008. It is not yet Christmas and he can read many words and children’s books. He does addition problems each day. He has performed music and oratory in front of an audience successfully and gained six very meaningful relationships with his fellow students and teacher.  Sugarwood School comes with my highest recommendation, and I am a science Teacher myself!”