Peggy CoZi


Peggy CoZi MA ED, has more than twenty-five years of primary teaching experience in California and Vermont. Peggy has mentored and instructed future teachers at the College of St. Joseph, Community College of Vermont and on site in her classroom in conjunction with San Diego State University's Student Teacher Program. In 2002 Peggy received the San Diego Psychiatric Society Education Award. Peggy offers an intentional array of learning strategies and educational approaches to fully address cognitive, emotional, social and physical development by integrating the arts, movement, foreign languages, math and science.

Stefanie Taylor

Violin Teacher

Cristy Murphy

Yoga Instructor

Cristy Murphy first began her practice of yoga when she was teaching elementary school in 2000.  Cristy taught first and second grade for nine years.  Her teaching partner was a dedicated yogi and inspired her to begin her own practice.  Her devotion to her yoga practice became stronger when she planned to have her first child, William, who is now 5.  She is a mother of two active young boys and aspiring yogis, William and Wesley!  They are her inspiration!

Cristy started a children’s yoga program, “Kids Together Yoga” in the summer 0f 2016.  Each yoga class incorporates yoga poses through play, breathing, mindfulness, music and literature.

Cristy currently teaches children’s yoga in a variety of schools and childcare centers in southern Vermont. Sugarwood School is one of her favorite places to teach!  She loves sharing the gift of yoga with Sugarwood friends!

Chris CoZi