Little Leaders

Building autonomy takes practice like everything we master. Teaching others builds our sense of autonomy like nothing else.

Before sharing the teacher role, I innocently went about the day leading everyone as I myself had been mentored.

Once I experienced sharing the leadership role, I quickly saw the necessity for sharing that powerful role. Students...


I am convinced that with optimal conditions, our capacity for learning is limitless.

The brain learns. That is it’s function.

"What" we learn needs careful attention.

We fool ourselves. Our memories are unreliable. Our ability to rationalize and believe in myths continue to impair our reasoning.

Let’s examine some key conditions that will ...

What did you learn today?

Great question but is it huge, too much, too broad?

We all want to know something about what happened while we are apart. We all want to learn more about the thoughts of the people we love. We all want to share our experiences and be heard.

What opening starters might help initiate meaningful conversations after a big day?

Slipping easily into talking...

The Language of Misconceptions

There are beliefs and stories and there are scientific realities and principles.

When we attempt scientific explanations we must take care not to use words that are specifically human:

try, want, love, like.

Stating that a stream of water likes or wants to run downhill creates monumental misconceptions.

Insisting that wind tries to rustle leaves or...

Childhood is for Exploring

Childhood must be a protected time to flourish, to explore, to discover a variety of solutions, to wonder, to investigate, to test and fail without being admonished.

The biological purpose of a long childhood developed as we learned to adapt to a variety of biomes. As nomads humans inevitably encountered lots of unanticipated things. Human Beings'...

Sharing Molly Worthen Words

"Teaching it is not a cheap or efficient process. It does not come from trying to educate the most students at the lowest possible cost or from emphasizing short, quantifiable, standardized assignments at the expense of meandering, creative and difficult investigation.

Producing thoughtful, talented graduates is not a matter of focusing on market-ready...

Does the way we look at things change the way they look?

Max Plank said, "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." Have you experienced that paradigm shift? It is exhilarating!

What does it mean to change the way we look at things?

What does it mean to deeply comprehend big concepts?

What does it mean to go beyond our simple habits of thinking?

Have you noticed how...

Tender Loving Communities

Communities are groups of individuals who create culture; hubs for good or ill.

Without sincere empathy and concern, our best selves fail to thrive.

WE are the community.

Communities can challenge us to bold new heights of empathy, compassion, kindness. Communities nurture optimal wellness if they work to eliminate harmful thoughts and actions. It must...

We Are in the Pink!

We are strong and healthy for good reason!

We are evidenced-based and in sync with Pink, Daniel Pink!

We use his MAP -> Mastery! Autonomy! Purpose!

I learned about the hidden costs of extrinsic rewards some thirty-five years ago. I have conducted my own research and found that extrinsic rewards, as tempting as they may seem, steal a person's...


There is an inherent excitement in adventures. Sugarwood's stimulating environment intentionally encourages adventurous exploration.

Flexibility in thought, movement and creativity lead us into the unknown, into worlds waiting patiently in the open spaces.

Creative schedules are ripe with artistic possibilities.

Without time restrictions we can...