We approach math and science with lively, hands-on explorative practices.  Our collaborative work is thematic, individualized, experiential and comprehensive.  We strengthen intellectual curiosity using thematic science units, daily hands-on experiments. Student resources are upgraded, fun, current and relevant. Every student is encouraged to think and move and become an independent, collaborative Thinker/Doer.

We are actively engaged discussing and using mathematical language as we connect essential patterns and concepts throughout our daily studies.

Counting with coins at Sugarwood School


  • Students are encouraged to write and share their own math sentences, stories, drawings, etc.
  • We use coins, cubes, number fans, graphs, number lines.
  • We integrate math with the arts, science, literature.
  • We personalize graphs for each student.
  • Our number line as well as any concrete tool is accessible whenever a student wants to use it.
  • Our number line is uniquely created with expansive symbols, patterns and elements.
  • We ask probing questions.
  • We work and practice individually and cooperatively.
  • We share mathematical insights.
  • We learn place value in base ten and base four.
  • We connect math concepts to real life events and scientific explorations.
  • We compare and contrast, investigate cause and effect, and seek logical, concrete explanations.
  • We investigate divergent ideas.
  • We encourage positive outcomes.
  • We investigate and celebrate mistakes.
  • We use concrete manipulates and share our findings.
  • We challenge one another to verify and explain outcomes.
  • We build, review and practice specific concepts.

Scientific inquiry is an integral part of our Sugarwood approach.

building experiment at Sugarwood School


  • We strengthen intellectual curiosity using thematic science units, daily hands-on experiments, collaborative research, scientific method, discussions, and inquiry.
  • We explore basic questions and investigate outcomes using the scientific method.
  • Our daily thematic explorations inspire questions, deep thinking, activities and experiments.
  • Every question is important. Every phenomenon is explored. Every insight is shared.
  • As our themes unfold we experiment with light, vision, sound, hearing, smell, taste, touch, water, acids, bases, the Elements, to name a few.
  • Each student has access to the tools needed to strengthen their understanding.


 “Our child has advanced with leaps and bounds in reading, mathmatics, science, and world studies. He has learned the languages of music, spanish and ASL.” — Dalite Sancic, parent