Sugarwood Friends adopt an extensive vocabulary for everyday conversations, questions, observations, activities and experiences. We become literate in three languages including English, Spanish and American Sign Language (ASL) as well as and any other languages we can easily include.


Throughout each day we enjoy a wide variety of reading opportunities.


birthday friend of the day


  • Our Friend of the Day leads reading of personalized sentences in English and Spanish.
  • We discuss and compare differences and similarities.
  • We use the alphabet, jokes, music, and a variety of entertaining reading challenges.
  • We sing the lyrics to the songs we know and learn.
  • We provide happy reading interactions.
  • We build vocabulary.
  • We share successful skills and helpful comprehension strategies.
  • We incorporate relevant phonemic awareness.
  • We discuss phonetic irregularities.
  • We collaborate with others and offer individual instruction.
  • We provide time for sustained reading opportunities (oral and/or silent) every day to increase fluency and vocabulary.
  • We provide broad reading and writing experiences with extensivea genre.
  • We all have ample opportunities to read at a successful level each day.
  • We discuss, question, brainstorm, read, write and reflect together.
  • We discuss the title, take picture walks, make predictions, make connections to our prior knowledge.
  • We dictate and write stories, letters, reflections and speeches. We publish and share our work.
  • We enjoy a literacy rich environment.
  • We display and use relevant print.
  • We provide opportunities to celebrate our efforts.
  • Our extensive library provides high-interest fiction and non-fiction books at various developmentally appropriate levels.
  • We love to share favorite stories.
  • We are expressive readers.
  • We produce and perform fiction and nonfiction plays.
  • We invite daily whole group, small group and individual instruction.


“Peggy has created a rich learning environment that fosters individual growth on every level.  Children are given the opportunity to learn at their own pace and are given every opportunity to explore their own interests.  They are allowed to be children.  As they become friends they learn to be kind and caring individuals who look out for one another.”  – Murphy Family