Cover Your Bases!

I’ve developed a love for a variety of number bases.

In seventh grade I was surprised to learn there was such a thing.

I had been stuck in Base Ten without knowing it.

I did basic computations by rote with very little deep comprehension.

Number bases opened my mathematical mind.

It was that insight, knowing that understanding place value was a key, that made me create a Base Four Unit for my students.

Happy Handies come to our school. They love to count without 4 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9!

Every fourth day of school, they may visit us, but they definitely visit on the first fourth, the sixteenth, the thirty-second, and so on.

Handies give us flexibility of thinking, they broaden and deepen our mathematical abilities. We love to count like they do. They are fun, friendly, happy Handies.

We invite you to meet them!