What is Learning?

Learning is “the acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience, study, or by being taught.”

So let’s check out knowledge acquisition: “facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.”

What my experiences in learning and teaching have offered me is realizing that human brains are receptive to their surroundings, unless sleeping or otherwise focused, and therefore receive/acquire input constantly, whether or not it is fact or myth.

The natural world is full of awe inspiring phenomena full of rich scientific wonders and fact finding potential.

Assumptions and easy guesses make us vulnerable to short-cutting scientific research that has taken the past few hundred years of painstaking experimentation and data gathering, revision and collaboration.

What we have learned and continue to learn in science is rapidly enhanced by technological advances.

Humankind tend to cling to long held beliefs and think it is their personal preference to choose to believe or not to believe in facts. Facts can be advanced, even overturned as better tools like microscopes, telescopes, satellites, computers and our ability to gain rapid access to new advances in knowledge. Until proven otherwise, facts are facts.

It is time to learn scientific facts: physics, biology, ecology, mathematics, astronomy, oceanography, etc. This is a time of rapid advances! Don’t we want our children to understand the awesomeness of Life and Physical Phenomena on Planet Earth? Our Home!

Our children need a solid foundation in what it has taken Scientists so long to acquire but are now fully available to everyone of us.

Children can learn that the Earth is a relative mote of dust in comparison to the Expansive Universe.

Children can learn to treasure, to admire, to gain access and deep comprehension of so many large wonders, factual knowledge, that for so long humans could merely guess the answers to and create stories to answer their children’s serious “why?” Please tell me why? how? Inquiring minds want to understand with deep complexity.

It is time to end faulty explanations of ideas with beliefs and myths and assumptions that are now Known Realities.

Children are susceptible to accepting authority. You are their authority.

Offer them Truth. It is Totally Awesome!