What’s in the box?

Was it once alive? Is it made if wood? Yes. It it spherical? No. Does it have six sides? Yes, it’s a cube. Does it have dots? Can you count with it? Could it be made of a different material? Glass? Plastic? Is it a wooden die? Yes!

Encouraging intriguing questions is at the heart of everyday life at Sugarwood School.

Creating and answering meaningful questions sustains and utilizes all of the valuable social interactions needed for learning to occur.

This happens with activities that enhance careful attention and focused listening. Big questions are not easy to express. They take practice just like everything we want to do well. Want to expand our knowledge? Ask probing questions. Don’t intimidate. Find the answers together.

Are these ideas, answers, suggestions reasonable? What do we already know for certain? What other facts, missing pieces, will provide more pertinent information?

What connects us to friends and also connects us to crucial, the essential bigger ideas?

People who practice together, work together, play together, ask questions together and share common interests expand their individual and collective capacity to solve problems.

Nurturing, promoting and honoring meaningful questions builds honorable, trusting friendships. Asking probing questions, listening with interest and care, collaborating to solve common problems are main ingredients for creating engaged thinkers with unforgettable memories.