Little Leaders

Building autonomy takes practice like everything we master. Teaching others builds our sense of autonomy like nothing else.

Before sharing the teacher role, I innocently went about the day leading everyone as I myself had been mentored.

Once I experienced sharing the leadership role, I quickly saw the necessity for sharing that powerful role. Students should share teaching and teachers should be always be students.

Teaching someone else offers ‘the teacher’ all of the connections needed to make the learning deeper and more meaningful.

The teacher has the dynamic role. The teacher is responsible for explaining, reflecting, questioning. These skills lead expanded insights and expertise. It’s inclusive and expansive to be the center of attention. Being focused upon, teaches us how to interact, what works, what helps others and how to be authentic and enjoy the limelight. It’s an old, well established idea.

Often teachers, parents, grandparents, older siblings resist giving up their control, their role of “I know how and I will show you the right way.” The fact is we all like to feel we are in control. Sharing the lead and cooperating strengthens the community. Belonging and taking real leadership roles offers purpose, fun and meaningful learning experiences.