I am convinced that with optimal conditions, our capacity for learning is limitless.

The brain learns. That is it’s function.

“What” we learn needs careful attention.

We fool ourselves. Our memories are unreliable. Our ability to rationalize and believe in myths continue to impair our reasoning.

Let’s examine some key conditions that will provide us with limitless, meaningful, constructive, purposeful learning.

Adaptability is a well established behavior for survival.

Since nothing stays the same, adaptive responses, creative responses, dramatically increase our chances for success.

What is adaptability?

Adaptability is the ability to adjust easily and readily to new conditions and situations.

Adaptability is understanding our own strengths and weaknesses.

How do we learn adaptive skills and strategies?

*By engaging in challenging, stimulating, socially collaborative and inherently rewarding activities.

*By providing many safe opportunities to test and examine choices – this low-affective filter is key!

*By providing lots of opportunities to Explore and examine metacognition – Learning how to learn must be integral.

*By providing ample opportunities for exploring and responding creatively to choices – To experience reasonable, peaceful interactions.

*By providing lots of opportunities to examine and discuss the real limits of our sensory systems – Alerting us to falsehoods.

*By providing ample opportunities to examine and discuss how much of what was once considered true must be re-evaluated, fact checked and verified.

By acknowledging the fact that our memory systems are fallible – This prepares us for open minded research, debate and appreciation of wisdom.

Adaptability is a hard-won skill.

Repeating these intentional efforts is essential.