Childhood is for Exploring

Childhood must be a protected time to flourish, to explore, to discover a variety of solutions, to wonder, to investigate, to test and fail without being admonished.

The biological purpose of a long childhood developed as we learned to adapt to a variety of biomes. As nomads humans inevitably encountered lots of unanticipated things. Human Beings’ successful survival so far has been our ability to creatively adapt, plus our resilience to failure.

The dominant cultural view is that babies and children are unsophisticated. However, study after study verifies that babies and children are highly sophisticated. (Please listen to Alison Gopnik’s TED Talk.)

Childhood supports the ability to be think flexibly, to build empathy, to take in the wide open possibilities life offers us.

Promoting investigative opportunities rather than using a highly focused approach benefits future wellness for all of us. An investigative approach is subjective, open-ended, un-gradable. We must promote early plasticity. Adaptability flourishes with variety, surprise, deep comprehension and meaningful connections.