Hello Parents, Educators and Friends

For more than forty years I have been experimenting with optimal ways to develop fundamental executive skills.

I did what was asked of me as a teacher, got the credentials, followed protocol as much as I could stomach. I often felt inadequate, helpless, unequipped to serve my students. Sleepless nights worrying about thirty (give or take ten) precious little people.

I persevered, I spoke out in staff meetings . . .

Mostly I repeated to carefully, equitably do all the things that showed evidence of deep understanding and stopped doing things that made them withdraw and dim.

I wanted bright eyes and big happy, self- assured smiles.

My quest (like most teachers and parents) to see sparkling eyes and smiles lighting up the entire space, to hear inspiring questions and meaningful answers, kept me fired up.

For twelve of those years, thanks to my husband, Chris, I have had the opportunity to make all the educational decisions to make it happen.

At Sugarwood School we can and do make it happen!