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Sugarwood is a Vermont Approved early childhood nongraded school for ages 4-9.

Every Sugarwood friend, regardless of age, has daily opportunities to learn, to teach, to lead, to share, to interact, to move and to play.

We build a joyous community of Sugarwood Friends who love to learn for the intrinsic joy of learning. We love to share ideas with engaging investigations, experiments and experiences.

We take time to establish...

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Peggy CoZi teacher at Sugarwood School
Peggy CoZi Teacher
Stefanie Taylor violin instructor at Sugarwood school
Stefanie Taylor Violin Teacher
Cristy murphy yoga instructor at Sugarwood School
Cristy Murphy Yoga Instructor

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Peg's Epiphanies

19 Feb

StoryLove Time

Years ago four year old Katrina called our read aloud time "Storylove Time" and it stuck.
During Storylove Time we snuggle on the couch and listen to the Friend of the Day read their prepared book to us. We all applaud and cheer!
I also choose a book, a captivating story, connected to our current theme, that we can all enjoy together.
Reading together,...

14 Feb

Interactive conversations

My personal experiences and observations confirm that conversing with children - not talking at them or quizzing them or displaying any number of bossy behaviors parents/teachers have acquired - these conversations develop strong ties, trust, and language skills that benefit the range of cognitive, social and emotional benefits essential for...

10 Feb

Learning, unlearning, relearning

The illiterate of the future are not those who can’t read or write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.” – Alvin Toffler

Human brains have the unfortunate proclivity to be controlled by our preconceived and misconceived notions, false assumptions and opinions.

A close inspection can help us unlearn so many of these problematic...

Additional Learning

Our learning continues outside the classroom with community service, performances, and field trips.

Extending our Community

We enhance our classroom learning opportunities with community experiences.

We have performed for several years at the Maples Retirement Community and for The Bardwell Residents.

We performed the Periodic Table of Elements for two Rutland High School chemistry classes.

We have performed at the Echo Museum and the Perkins Museum in Burlington.


Performances & Potlucks

  • We perform often
  • We gain confidence and grace
  • Every child is offered the opportunity to prepare and perform an individual speech about their learning practices and joys
  • Every child may perform a solo, or duet, on the recorder
  • Every child may perform a solo, or duet, on the violin
  • Every child sings and participates in plays
  • Every...

Field Trips

We augment our program with field trips that encourage broad-mindedness and purpose.

Our list of possible field trips include: local trails, lakes, ponds, mountains, ice skating, libraries, museums and performances.

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Phone: 802-779-8151